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Originally Posted by flyboygaac View Post

After some 4 months I managed to put my DOSV2+ArduIMUV2 working

I have some questions that I cannot find answer:
1- Is ArduIMU used also has flight stabilizer when connected to DOSD? (it has 6DOF sensors)
ArduIMU V2 works as a flight stabilizer IF you have the gain set above 0 in the DOSD menu. There are two stabilization for the GPS stab, one for the IMU stab. You can turn the IMU stab on/off with a gain switch if you select it in the PPM input.

2- I have a Corona Rx 8ch 35MHz RP8D1 and it's direct PPM output works flawlessly with MultiWii (buffered) project, but Dragon OSD cannot recognize it at all (buffer or no buffer). I think this is a code problem and not hardware. Is this a known issue?
I can't provide much help here. There is info on building a PPM buffer in the DOSD V2 manual...have you looked at that?

3- To solve problem number 2 I bought DIYDrone PPM encoder and it works. The issue about PPM encoder is that if I connect Rx+DOSD+Encoder at the same time, PPM encoder does not work.
If I connect Rx+DOSD and 2 seconds later the PPM encoder then it works. I see that DOSD reboots when I connect PPM encoder and recognizes the 8 channel in PPM.
I'm lost. The PPM encoder goes between the Rx and the DOSD. How do you connect the Rx and DOSD then 2 seconds later connect the encoder??? I used the DIYDrones encoder with my DOSD and Spektrum receiver. It worked perfectly for me placed between the Rx and DOSD. Never had/saw/heard of an issue like you describe.

4- The magnetometer used in DOSD is very expensive. Can HMC5883L be used instead?
I believe the only mag sensor that currently interfaces with the DOSD is the one called out in the manual...or was it in the support forum? Either way, I believe the tilt compensated mag sensor is the only one that works.
5- Can we use the CRIUS Board ( instead of ArduIMU for artificial horizon and also all it's sensors has flight stabilizer (gyro+acc+mag+baro), for controlling the servos from DOSD? (this saves a lot of wire spaghetti)

I would love if item 5 would be possible because with 2 boards we would have the best OSD around + a great flight stabilizer + the possibility to add further sensors (sonar, airspeed, etc..)
No, at least not at this time. Dragon Labs is working on an interface board that will allow use of 4 or 5 other IMUs...I don't recall seeing the one you linked as part of that group.
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