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Originally Posted by fishycomics View Post

Any suggestions

In the mood I am not. I will decide what to do to get me back in the mood,
Well, I am biased, because I've never flown a SuperCub, or a Dragon 300, but IMHO, if a guy is feelin a little blue, and wants a spiffy new plane to cheer him up... for $139, personally I can't imagine a more fun thing to have than the new 3D Beast.

It's a little trickier than the UM T-28 to get flying, but not much. And it is not one of those profile 3D only planes that is built for indoors, and made specifically to do weird stuff -- you can fly it like a regular plane (use...the....rudder!), and it looks like a (good looking!) regular plane. They call it 3D, but for me, I'm happy with rolls, loops, hammerheads, just beginning to try Cuban 8's.... and of course, it's fun just loafing around the field.

With the ASX system he darn thing is happy in 15 MPH winds, no kidding. While not the most 'scale like' flying when it's blowing that hard, at least I am not grounded, and the little guy can really take it! I just put five batteries through it and three through my Mcpx this morning, and I feel like I have really done a day's flying -- still grinning!

so that's my input, but no matter which plane you decide on, get out there and get some stick time in!

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