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just finished

Now for the questions!

I set my cg just a little further back than recc 1" fwd of canopy- im at 2/3" fwd of canopy or 1/3" back of recc. Feels right to me but I is this "bad?"

how precice are the futaba 3114 in centering? (mm on aileron please)
pretty easy to guess how far off by comparing to3 mm thick horiz fuse
anybody bench or guess how much static thrust recc hacker puts out?

In k.e. it takes a bit more rudder than other birds i have flown to hold altitude.
just out of curiosity, any comments on what designers are shooting for? freestyle birds different than f3p birds in this regard? personal pref? no complaints, have debated what feels right for rudder req for some time, just curious!

my commments/setup-
auw 132 grams no batt

great kit fancy foam! perfect cutting, etc hate to admit it but bought it to try somethign different from epp and was curious what a pro caliber plane was like (wanna be like rj)

set up- 3- 7 gram $3 dynam servos
hk 8-10 amp esc
hk 2610 2000kv s-line motor
gws ep 8040

use it w 2 cell nanotech 460 mah

did nothing fancy to get to weight. very happy w bird. got a fair bit of experience w epp, will make a epp mx-2 next. first try with depron. my fingers are a bit "crispy"

I am a little scared to crash it, so havent been willing to really try to ring it out. got 5 packs thru it and am getting 8-9 minutes but that will come down as they are pretty tame flights so far. guessing 7 min.

as you can tell i did cut some corners w gear.

couple comments-

0 coupling in k.e.!-very well balanced bird

.pretty cool for $56 you can get same airframe as pros!

waterfalls are very straight

servos- the 7 gram dynams are great for epp- strong and light-sim/same specs as futabahad pretty good luck w em in past- for depron I can now see what people are taikng about w the centering. I am getting on 110 mm aileron 1mm off-around 1 degree- it is expecially bad if you nudge stick, or dont snap stick back-I can feal it on elevator w depron- epp not so much. I dont have full aileron servo throw but am pretty close (85%)

I had a set futaba 3114 2 years ago, but wasnt as "fussy" as i am now.

also noticed my spectrum controller (dx6i) has a dead band in ailerons only from 0-5 degrees stick deflection- i can see this in monitor mode- aka carrot doesnt move untill i get to 5 degrees right aileron. I have two of these controllers and went back to my older one.
which doesnt have the dead band.

anyway point is that you can really see it(precision) w depron what I wasnt seeing in epp.

hk motor works good so far, im at 5000 ft it benches @ 9 oz thrust. at sea level you will probably do 15%ish better. in air outdoors it is a little light thrust wise on 8" but reasonable, but indoors suspect it is good. have put a 9050 prop on it. was able to tape it, you got an erasure sized amount to get the tape on. gws ep props work great on built in prop, i think weight was 18 grams. doesnt heat up much but it has been 32 degrees flying.
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