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Originally Posted by jfinch View Post
What are the three different champions? And how are they scored?
Blue Skies Ranking
Scored by percentage against the top pilot of each contest, additive. All contests added together, up to the best 3 of 4. Everyone is ranked here, regardless of number of contests flown. Another way to express this: Same style as the F3KTour but with best 3 events added.

Series Champion
The top of the Blue Skies ranking.

State Champion
The scores of all participants belonging to each 4 corner state, expressed as a percentage of the top pilot in each contest, are brought together and averaged. Those percentage averages, by contest per state, are added together, and then divided by the number of contests flown to date. Eventually, all four contests count. Again, everybody from a 4 corner state counts. No ringers, you gotta live in the state to count. The state with the highest average performance compared to the top pilots wins!
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