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Originally Posted by Shadrack View Post
Yes you must have.
Well then you really want to get into it. My mistake, sorry for that.
You want to see crap product, there are a few others that would fit the bill better than any of the blade product.
If you aren't experienced though, how do you know what is crap and what isn't?
If you aren't experienced, then it sounds like you have never had any problems with any heli before EVER as you put it.
Do you think you pick up a full collective heli and just fly it?
If you are a novice, then you should have been taking it easy on it.
I have never seen a crap product from Blade before.
I have never had one defective, let alone two in a row.
I would imagine you can't fly the thing because as you put it, you are not experienced.
Well Shadrack, I guess since you still can't read properly, you totally missed it when I said I wasn't a PRO, but no rookie, I made no mention that I was not experienced!! LEARN TO READ!!!! You may not have experienced what I have with this particular heli and just because you never heard of any problems with them, doesn't mean it nobody else did! GOOGLE it and you will see there is a plethora of people who have had nothing but problems with the blade 120!!! But no, apparently you would prefer to offer only put downs instead of any real solutions. Do some research before you shoot off your big mouth!
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