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I am making some good head way in my clone of the tarot software. A couple of things I have noticed.

1. With the main settings, 'Tail Yaw Rate L' and 'Tail Yaw Rate R'. The 'Tail Yaw Rate R' value is not saved in the ini file created by the program. But the 'Tail Yaw Rate L' value is stored as YawAgility and YawRight, I suspect this is a bug.

2. The deceleration L and deceleration R values controlled by the tarot software are in the opposite order to those stored in the copterX unit. Since all the other parameters are identical, I suspect again that this is a bug in the tarot software. It probably doesn't matter too much if you keep the parameters symmetrical in any case.

3. In the tarot saved file, there are parameters speedspin1 through speedspin4, I can't find what these relate to in the software. Anyone else know? I haven't checked to see if changing them changes what the tarot software sends to the gyro (even if there is no user interface for them).

4. The tarot software has a reset button and a zero pitch value on the advanced menu, these do not appear to do anything.

5. On the servo trim page, it seems if you start pressing the buttons on the right, it clears any of the present settings you had on the trim on the left to start with. Do people think this is right? I think that it should just adjust the servos from where they are, in combination, depending on which direction you push (Just as if you where using the stick on the transmitter for aileron and elevator).

My aim is to replicate the core functionality of the tarot software as the starting point and then fix up any issues that the tarot software contains. From there, who knows may be there are some features worth adding on it.
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