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Originally Posted by Shadrack View Post
You are an experienced heli pilot and had problems with the blade 120?
Why would you buy an entry level training heli if you are experienced?
That is a newbie heli.
So they took care of your issues right away and gave you a new one?
All I can say is that the Blade series of heli's are the most popular ones world wide and they have the best support.
I will talk to the owner of Cellar tomorrow when they are open and ask about this. This problem will not occur again and again. If it does, sorry to say, the problem is you.
If the problem was the blade 120, you would be hearing about it all over the net, and you don't.
It isn't defective, and you sound like a child in your ranting above.
If that is the attitude you take, I wouldn't want you as a customer.
So they refused to give you your money back you say? I am sure they will give you store credit if it was really defective, and was the second one. When was this?
Funny thing is that I have a 6 blade heli's.
I have the 120SR.
It doesn't suck, it is a beginner heli and flies like one.
I have 3 friends who learned on that same heli.
They never had any issues.
And this is your first post? You joined an RC forum and your first post, as an experienced heli pilot, is the one above?
Sounds like a shill to me.
First of all if you could read properly, you would see that I did NOT say that i was experienced, I said I was an AVID r/c heli flyer...I am no pro but I am no rookie either...
I have now had 2 of these Heli's and I have never in my life had this much trouble with any heli, EVER! I have never seen such a crap product in my life, can't even fly the thing because of all the issues. I must have gotten 2 defective heli's.
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