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Originally Posted by markus123456 View Post
Do NOT mount the antenna horizontally. It's a dipole antenna, and these antennas radiate in a 90 degree angle around the wires. That said, the directions in which the enpoints of the wires point is mostly dead. So if you mount it horizontally and make a turn, you will loose the signal for sure.

Even if you would hold the tx antenna horizontaly (which you would have to do anyways as you otherwise would face a 12dB drop in signal strength) this would happen.

There is a way to have a horizontal antenna. You would have to buy the so called turnstyle antenna from IBCrazy (Alex) and have your transmitter antenna horizontal. The turnstile is made such that the signal does not get lost in turns but it also covers more area in the horizontal plane. It's a pretty cool solution though for a wing or similar planes with deep wings where you have the space to mount the turnstile antenna.


most player,just push the plane up to 5KM, So this is not be big problem,and make tx antenna 45 angle, we have test. with delta wing.

BTW your parcel already sent. thanks markus.

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