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Originally Posted by blackmoon View Post
One more thing, should I keep it pressed trough the bind process or just once at power on ?
No, just until the you see the bind LED turn on. After that, it should stay in 'bind mode' until it gets a 'bound' response from an RX, or until it is powered off.

I've uploaded a new version of the source code. Changes:

- It implements the copy TX ID feature that we talked about. Because of this their respective button/LED hw_setup definitions were renamed into COPY_TX_ID_BTN and COPY_TX_ID_LED.
- It searches for free channels when powered on like the stock TX does. I've described this in one of the previous posts.
- I've renamed the BIND_BUTTON_PORT and BIND_BUTTON_BIT macros into BIND_BTN_PORT and BIND_BUTTON_BIT. Reason: consistency with COPY_TX_ID.
- I've dropped the macro definitions for the third button.

The definitions in hw_setup.h in this version are still pointing to pins on my ATmega644, so if you have your own hw_setup, make sure you don't overwrite it. And remember to rename the BIND_BUTTON_* and add the COPY_TX_ID macros.

I've got a TX module case from a kind hearted soul yesterday. It's a stock 9x module case, so I will design the size of the circuit around this. But the design should work with any JR case. Just to verify this, can someone post images of the insides of other JR type cases just so I can see if it is any different? The more the merrier! Thanks.
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