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Bought a breadboard and built the circuit.

PPM detection works led is lit.

However I have an issue with bind.

I'll try to explain how it works, maybe I missed a step :

Defined in hw_setup.h the bind button to PB1 (I tried PD4 , 5 , 6 because I did think that I maybe burned the port D so I went with B1 with same result).

Then compiled and loaded, if I don't push the Bind button, the pin B1 is in a high state (4.7v) when it's pushed it fall to 0.13v low state.

In the main.c

	// do the binding if the button is pressed
I think this is :

If the pin is in low state start bind routine.

At the beginning of bind function in netx.c, we found :

void TX_Bind(void)
	// turn on the bind LED
if I understand correctly the first thing this function does is light up the LED, even if the nRF24L01 isn't present or just not responding.

Then do all the mambo jambo and at the end if bind succeeded shut off the LED.

Even tough, the PB1 pin go from a high state to a low one when I press the button, the bind led never light up.

I'm in the dark here...
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