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Originally Posted by cpuken View Post
I've attached a couple of photos of a problem I've forgotten to mention in my earlier post because the other items seem more critical at the time but now that I'm better able to get my V911 flying I'm trying to tackle the remaining issues.
You can see in the photos that the tail motor has a tendency to slide out of its mount. I assume it needs to be pushed in as far as it can go but during each flight it will start moving out of its holding socket.
Not sure if this is contributing to my shudder problem or my TBE problem. These problems seem to come and go and they are really bad at times and at other times, not noticeable very much.

I don't know if it is a good idea to put a drop of glue on it, so I'll wait for some potentially better suggestions from the experts here.
Hey cpuken, man this thread is moving fast.. I got my SoloPro and V911 a few days b4 Xmas, and it's been a steep 4ch learning curve!

I tried a drop of CA glue on both the Tail motors/mounts myself (I had 2 V911's) they both re-seperated after a few more spirited crashes... ( I get bored, and fly FF in my small room) I had to take a Hacksaw blade to rough the tail motor housing a little, so that the CA glue could hold properly. Not loosened since.

some TBE can be caused by un-level main-Gear, and exessive binding with motor-pinion. My 1st V911 had Horrible TBE.. until I massaged the B-grade parts, and mild bending of the frame.

Hope my Flybar comes-in 2mrrw!

In the mean-time I've noticed that the SoloPro and V911 are LOUD (with Canopy on) Hold Heli by tail-boom, and Rev the motor... then hold by the Canopy, squeezing lightly... the sound-reduction is astonishing! The canopies reverberate/amplify the motor sounds greatly.

My mod for that is using some Silverstone sound dampening foam for PC's, one side is sticky... The amount I used will hopefully not impact Flight too much, and it's Muuuuuch Quieter!!! ( still have to get a Digital scale)
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