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I was still trying to get the trim & play sorted out. So that was mainly me & my nerves. Expo was set @ 30% on ailerons, 50% on elevator, & 30 for rudder. Plus I wasn't trying to doing anything spectacular since its was maiden day. I need to add more aileron travel for quicker roll and response. As for the elevators I left them as they were from the previous maiden. Next wknd I'll get a lil more hyphe with the plane.

Cg was @ 150mm. Tried to use a gens ace 4000mah batt, but was still tail heavy with batt to the front of bay. Switched & flew with a Flightmax 5000mah lipo 45c and battery was 1/2" from front of bay. So I would've needed to add weight to the nose to use the 4000mah. Plus I already have a receiver with satellite, separate bec, & heavier esc's. So I didn't want to add more weight. If your going to use the single 6s your going to have to get the cg correct before you try to fly her.

Also FresnoJay pointed out (like u and Su did or maybe it was NS) that the nose prolly needs to be raised a tad. So ill be adding a ply bracket between the retract & foam for at least a 1/8- 3/16 lift.

Jay thanks for the help and video was great.

MAX, SU, & NS thanks for the patience, input & help.
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