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Perfect conditions for a test-fly this morning - no breeze at all, and an overcast sky.

I cranked it up and away it went. The first evidence of its higher wing-loading compared to the PZ model was the longer than expected takeoff roll. Once up it was solid and well-behaved. The retracts worked perfectly. It has a high roll-rate compared to the PZ on similar throws and it will climb easily. I was flying most of the maiden at about 70% throttle and it was still happy to roll quickly without losing height and looped effortlessly. Low passes at full-bore with the gear up looked great! Time to see the flaps in action: I had only about 15 deg set so that I could see how it went with that as a starting point. I got some height and hit the switch - a slight nose-up but nothing alarming and I was easily able to counter it with a little down-elevator.
Landing was easy, but I didn't use the flaps on the maiden landing (I wasn't sure how much elevator to mix in before takeoff). With the higher wing-loading it likes to use a lot of the strip which is not unexpected. Once I get accustomed to the flaps, this will be more manageable. Obviously with the extra weight, it doesn't float in like the PZ one (exactly as Simo had said), but it is nice and steady and predictable anyway, so it doesn't matter. I had four flights on a grass runway which isn't perfectly smooth and the retracts didn't even look like giving way!

Overall impression: I love Trojans and this one is very classy for a very modest price!
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