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first post in the heli section, and unfortunately it's a problem to report.

I just got a 120 sr a few days ago and have run about 8 packs so far. I got it from a main hobbies and purchased 3 extra protek lipos which have been great. This is my first heli and I've been having a blast with it so far, but the e-flight battery that came in the box almost caught on fire last night.

After the battery finished charging (I have it set to 0.3) I took it off the charger and started to check the voltage on the workbench. The connecter was loose, as if the metal tabs on the actual connecter inside the plastic housing had flattened and weren't securing the plastic piece to the wires. It slipped off when I pressed the tester leads to the exposed part on the side of the connecter and the battery shorted. Lots of smoke immediately but as the wires fell to the bench they separated. I had a fire extinguisher handy and grabbed it, heart pounding, but nothing else happened.

The wires are charred, no insulation left on the last 3/4 of the pigtail. I carefully snipped one wire down to the insulation and then gently poured silicone over the rest of the wires. I'll contact A Main Hobbies since I purchased it from them, but I suppose I should contact horizon as well. Although, I don't really want another e-flight battery.

As a precaution, since Lipo is new to me and ironically I spent all day yesterday reading about how to care for them, I put a dab of silicone and then heat shrink over the plugs and wires on the other packs, which seam solid anyway. I'll also say that I've been in RC for about 20 years and know better than to pull on the wire to disconnect a battery, so I assume I was good about it with these, but hope I wasn't just complacent and lazy and tugged a bit where I shouldn't have..

Sooooo, yeah. Nice welcome to heli flying, right? But, flew again this morning, and have packs charging. Man, this is addicting!
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