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OK, I've got mine ready for a maiden tomorrow.
I decided not to swap out the ESC after all, because I think it might have been a matter of my flap servos hitting the stops and stalling that was causing a little extra current drain. I've set the flaps properly now and run up the motor with the stock prop (which looks perfect, btw) and managed to get a constant 330 W out of it (dropping initially from about 360 W) on a fresh battery. I ran it full-bore for about two minutes with the ESC in my hand and it was only a little warm at the end of it - pretty much perfect. I had not balanced the prop before the test, so I was ready to stop in a hurry if things became rough, but it was as smooth as silk without me meddling with it - very encouraging!

On 3S (of course) the 330 W means about 28 A to 30 A on a loaded battery so that's fine for the ESC and with a quoted take-off weight of 1260 g that means about 130 W per 500 g which is a very acceptable power to weight ratio.

Last check to make was the CoG and I'm nose-heavy by about 5mm which is good for a maiden flight. Looking forward to tomorrow, just hope that there is only a light breeze, if any ...
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