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Bandit canopy fault

Hi Guys
I maidened the bandit at the club on Saturday, Boy!!! it is one direct plane you point it and it goes in that direction, I had to land because the canopy blew off and after lookimg for ages I found it,
I gave the TX to the club’s best 3D pilot and he was doing all 3D stuff with the bandit until the canopy blew off again.
At the club we have PA Extras and PA Katanas and none of these canopies come off and we all agree this is a Manufacturing fault because of the amount of air that blows into the canopy from the motor and air intakes cause the magnets to let go.
• We checked cowl is overlapping the firewall by 2-3 mm.
• The magnets are clean.
• Magnets are fully contacting.
I shouldn’t have to tape the canopy in place which will cause the covering to pull off.
PA needs to come up with a fix because I am not the only one that has mentioned this fault.
I am going to contact PA to come up with a fix. If the other canopy fault bandit owners contact PA and PA do come up with a fix it will only make the bandit a better plane.
Regards Paul
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