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Originally Posted by indoorheli View Post
No I dont have the same setup as you but very close. I was just saying you dont have to have the resistor for full throttle control... I have linear throttle control and most that do the direct solder to the front of the board get full control.
Huh...maybe I'll have to play with my throttle curves some to see if I really do have throttle control. I do have the yellow throttle signal wire soldered directly to the board after the wire broke off the plug in a crash. Frankly, I've just left it at a 100% throttle setup across the board since I want it there anyway. Throttle control is of no real use to me with the mCP X other than for spooling up and down for takeoff/landing, so an "on/off" motor control works for me. Seems most people who get into inverted flight and flipping their mCP X pretty much end up with a flat 100% throttle "curve" anyway, or pretty darned close to one with throttle still being up in the 90+% range in the middle...
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