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You are very welcome. That's what these forums are for! Your descriptions on the other site do sound like an original Kaos. Everything said still applies and I strongly agree with everything said over there except the not using expo and stopping trimming, etc. Scott's trim sheet is the same thing I linked you to. Almost any test for incidence , thrust line etc is described well on it. It is kind of the standard classic pattern trim sheet. The comments about flying straight lines are dead on. Try this sometime, stand a long ways off one end of the runway and watch people fly. They almost all will fly a curved line , slightly further out as they pass themselves. Many will also fly past themselves with the plane banked slightly toward themselves . They are looking at their wings to try to make them level but the upward angle fools them. It is a very revealing thing when you are trying to develop precision in your manuevers. A loop begun at runway center will frequently corkscrew in a little for new pattern fliers for that reason ( assuming no cross wind). That's one good reason to check loop trim out looking from behind rather than the side. It is far easier to make wings truly level from that angle. If you don't enter perfectly wings level, the results will mislead you in the trimming process.

I really do think that trimming this one as best you can will give you a real leg up on one you build yourself. It sure emphasizes the need for accurate straight building. As 8178 says, to really get a straight airframe you have to do it yourself. I can build them straight and light but nowhere near as pretty as a master builder like 8178 can! He just amazes me with his build logs.

Good luck, Chuck
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