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Ceres Winching

Had a great day yesterday winching the Ceres.

Ceres F3B Maiden winching (3 min 42 sec)

Initial launch was safe with recommneded settings. Landed, more flap and a couple of clicks of up and try again with early pop-off.

Land, move towhook fwd and this time much better. Land, move towhook back a bit and early pop-off again. Ended-up with hook a tad back from front limit.

Added more launch camber with a click of down to keep it stable and it's pretty good.

Flew in wild thermal crosswinds. Theres was one period where the entire field went still and the Ceres was "lifted" by a giant hand. Not so much flying but mimicing a leaf in reverse disappearing upwards with bugger-all control; just enjoyed the ride.

One dive from height caused flutter. I've never had flutter in any of my gliders.

Landed and checked airframe, hinges, linkages, servos and it appears to be the left-flap servo is the culprit.

The 171s are going to get swapped for something else. Not sure how old they are but there's too much output shaft slop.

Adjusted differential and travel for ailerons and the roll rate is much improved.

Had 2 low "saves" (40ft) where I could take it back up to height working small but furious thermals. Wish I had the GoPro on for those ;0)

Landings are stable and it slows down very rapidly with full flap like a thermal ship. Best landing F3B ship I've flown.

The orange is a vast improvement over any other colours I've tried. Still, in a cloudless sky it's hard to see any glider IMHO.
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