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A member asked for help. I responded with some suggestions. He responded as he did.

I did look at his first post and I do not see anything about fully rigged ships (which is any ship of any style with all equipment used to be underway.) as well there is no mention of square-sailed. By the way the Pinta is classified as a square-sailed caravel and caravels where popular up through the 1600s.

Then he responds with "Reported to moderator..." Sounds like the kid who says, "I'm taking my ball and going home."

I offered research links. If they were not of uses. Sorry. But I am in the US and you're in Europe. You asked for European ships. Seems you would have more access to information regarding European built ships. Might try the local museum. Or you could beings you have a computer, use google and start putting in some key words as I did.

Brooks, not to worry, I'm not offended. I don't plan to leave. I will offer suggestions to requests for help. I just won't respond for help by anyone that doesn't appreciate the time I put in doing what they could have done for themselves in the first place.

For everyone's information, I don't report any thing or any one to moderators. I'm an adult, I can choose to read or just ignore those I don't want or need to hear from.

Yancovitch, very nice source you linked to. I will never build this type of ship but I do like reading that sort of thing.

And to Disabled, Sorry it was not what you wanted.

Cliff Hanger
Cliff Hanger is online now Find More Posts by Cliff Hanger
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