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It is very worthwhile and , for a decent flying classic pattern plane, essential, to spend the time to trim it properly. How long that takes depends on the build, the design and how straight it is. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to trim a plane that isn't straight. If you can make it straight, keep at it , if not move on to another airframe. Be sure all hinge gaps are sealed.

Once you have flown a well trimmed honest airplane like a Kaos, you will never be satisfied with an untrimmed plane again.

I have had several Kaos versions, all great fliers. I looked at the easiest plans to find in my shop ( a Killer Kaos and very similar to your Utter Kaos) and saw that it called for 2 degrees downthrust. I think most of mine had that and maybe 1 degree of right, so you may have removed too much.

The National Society of Radio Controlled Aerobatics has a well known trim chart on their site. It is the second one simply called "trimming chart".

Here's a link, it gives lots of good nuts and bolts info on trimming. I'd recommend you use it. Be sure to change only one thing at a time then fly to see the result. Each change may have an impact on earlier trim, but with practice you will get there. Good luck!
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