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Ceres as Christmas Present

If nobody got you what you really wanted for Christmas then DIY.

2nd hand Ceres F3B
  • AUW 2167g = 76.44oz
  • 4 x 171s in the wing
  • 2x 3401 ruddervators
  • 4-40 linkages
  • 5-cell Intellect 1600mAh
  • RS70 RX

Had a hell of a time re-setting the flap servo arms becuase I prefer the horn to face away from the flap for extra mechanical advantage. Previous owner had glued them all in with bog and the horn was screwed down tight with no access even with a 90deg Phillips head.

Solution a)
was to remove the servo.

Hint: heated screwdriver & scalpel blades can remove bog fairly easily.
Finally came out after some vibrant language.

Re-set horn and re-glued with low profile hardwood bearers.

Solution b) (the better option)
for the other flap servo was to simply heat a blade and melt the servo arm off at the spline. With that removed and plenty of access it's simply a matter of using pliers to undo the output shaft screw.

Replace with new arm and use a shortened M2 hex bolt as fastener and modify a hex tool to fit.

Should maiden off the slope today then up the line later. CG at Wurts-recommended 108mm.

What a Racket
Running 4x JR171 in the wing makes a noise like a Lancaster Park Flyer! Strong servo but noisy.
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