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CC settings for Hacker A10-9L

Shorter wiring between the motor and ESC and between the ESC and lipo will improve many aspects of ALL ESC and motor combos....not to mention saving weight. Same thing goes for eliminating connectors and questionable quality solder joints. Adjusting software settings MAY increase tolerance for less than ideal mechanical setups, but should not be considered a "cure" for bad mechanical setups.

All that aside.....for the A10-9L and CC Phx 10, don't use the newest software. Use 2.19.....when I check my ESCs with Castle Link, I can see software options from Version 1.5x through 3.2x, so there should be plenty of room to update software from any version on the Phx 10 (this is not the case on some of the bigger ESCs).

My settings -
2.19 software
Fixed endpoints
High throttle response (8)
Normal timing (5)
12 khz
Custom Start Power (90%)

Idle trim authority at 100%, high endpoint at 84%, low endpoint at 71% - using JR 12X (all JR and Spektrum should be the same).

Power up at full idle (stick and trim), wait for ESC to arm, then rapidly advance idle trim to full, and the motor should immediately start and run at a fast idle. Move the idle trim to the middle, and the motor should be running at a slow idle. Minor adjustments to the low endpoint might be needed to get the slowest possible idle with the throttle trim in the middle.

I have 4 A10-9Ls and an A10-13L that all run flawlessly with these settings.

I also use throttle cut or throttle hold so I can stop the idle by flipping a switch (turning on throttle cut or hold).


Dave Lockhart
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