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Originally Posted by eflightray View Post
Never done it. But unless the models are one piece, i.e. the wings don't come off, I would transport models vertically in cardboard boxes, (sized for the specific model). Just a 3/4 height box would do, not full length, so the the tail sticks out.

The boxes can have simple foam packing to stop the model moving about. The boxes can be stood vertical against a 'wall', and a simple bungee could be used to hold them there.

The additional advantage as I see it, would be that removing just one box gives you that complete model, easy to carry to a flying site, and you don't leave something important behind, (been there done that ), and the others don't have to be moved out of the way etc if stacked on shelves, (plus no shelves to make, or get in the way when not needed).

But then I don't have an SUV, minivan, etc, just silly big planes that I have to squeeze into a Honda Civic
Hi Eflightray,

Thanks! That's a cool idea I hadn't thought of!

Most of my models are 3 to 4 foot wingspans, with removable wings... so a box like you described could work...


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