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New FULL HD 1080p "Key Chain" Camera

<EDIT 04/29/2012>NOTE: Since posting the information below the camera has been revised to add a video out function. The specs are similar except for the addition of composite video/audio out. This functions during recording as well. But the camera firmware is different. The firmware linked below is ONLY for the original camera with NO video out function. If you accidentally install it into the new camera, portions of the functions will be disabled (e.g. it will become locked in the 720p video mode among other things). But I have posted recovery firmware that will restore the original function in the NEW camera. The recovery firmware is NOT to be used with the ORIGIAL camera!" <End Edit>

I just got this information about a new full HD 1080p version of the small "keychain" variety of HD cameras from the developers of the popular #11 HD and new #16 HD "keychain" cameras. The 1080p version is expected to be released around Jan. 10, 2012. It will come in two different case designs as noted in the attached picture. One has the lens on the narrow end and the other on the flat side. The case sizes are similar to the "Jumbo #11" camera (see my dedicated thread for more info). Circuit board pictures and some sample still photos are also attached.

Some basic specs:

1. Sensor: OV5653 5MP CMOS
2. Lens: 62 deg. AOV (120 deg. AOV to follow later)
3. Video Formats: 1920 x 1080p @ 30 fps; 1280x720p @ 60 fps; H.264 MP4
sample 1080p mode:
Brief Video From New Full HD 1080p Key Chain Camera (0 min 21 sec)

sample 720p @ 60fps mode:
Sample video for new 1080p camera (0 min 21 sec)

The basic camera sells for about US $59.99 and is available ONLY from these eBay stores:


New firmware for the ORIGINAL 1080 with NO video out function is available for download to set the camera date/time, and turn it on/off in the video display.

Time setting method ONLY for the version 2 camera with video out is here.
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