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Originally Posted by Jetnfast View Post
Super pissed off right now!! the counter sunk screws (2 of them) broke off while assembling the retracts. I heard a pop, thought the wood mounts cracked. I back the rest of the screws out and then another popped. My so far uneventful build has gone in the toilet. I am really at a loss as to what to do. I was thinking I should dremel out the metal portion of the screw but dont have a bit small enough. The other option I was thinking was to cut around the top of the screw to expose enough of the thread to get at it with pliers. Any ideas? Anyone else have this happen to them? I cant believe how weak these screws are with such a nice is appreciated.

Once I do get them out, any idea where to find a stronger replacement screw? I wont be using the rest of them.
yes I did that! Even after reading all the warnngs here.I f you dremel around the screw you will be able to grip the exposed end with a pliers or a small vice grips.I then filed the top of the hole with expoxy and micro ballons and redrilled. I used small countersunk wood screws 3.5mm to fit the retract.Does'nt take long when you know what you are doing.

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