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Originally Posted by TheNiceGuy View Post
Can anyone tell me the effect of lengthening the gap between the in/out solder pints on the antenna (that is, where the lobes connect to the SMA center shaft)? I made a 2.4 SPW/CL combo, and worried about a short, made the gap about 8mm on the SPW. What effect does this have as opposed to a 1mm gap?
Not 100% sure I understood you right, but if the center conductor piece is just longer up until it meets the lobes, that would increase the resonant frequency slighty and at the same time lower the efficiency of the antenna. However, that's a generalisation. Depending on how your lobes are repositioned because of this it also could have the oposite effect. What's clear thoug is that the efficiency will drop because the shape is not ideal.

That does not mean though that the antenna is unuseable. Just that you don't get the optimum possible. For a first attempt it's ok, so fly your antenna (after makeing some range tests) and see for yourself how good it is.

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