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Yea, I have been following the bohemoth T-38. To fit (2) 70mm fans: the exaust is 18mm now, x 3=54mm(doable). That gives a 72" LOA and a 39" WS. Or,I could use two 66mm, in the same size. I have a set of Eflite retracts. But probably too small for our field. I will most likely keep it bungee launch and real lite. Then I could get away with two 525W systems with (2)5s 1800's and 4W motors. 27A each.

About 10 yrs ago, they must have had a F5 squadron in Mass. I was fishing on a pond in norther RI, when two flew overhead. I could barely see them. They were around 5 thousand, and blended perfectly. What sticks in my mind, was how smooth and strait they flew. Seconds later, two more flew over at half the altitude. I did not know they were there, until they passed. This was shortly after 9-11. And there were many such sights, in the following weeks. Mostly F-16's.

I found a treasure trove of old kits, at a hobby shop in Poughkeepsie NY. Jemco, Easy built, Todays Hobbies, Some Sterling. Low prices too.

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