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How high will it go?
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Well I bought 3 of them for me and my sons. Sorry no video of us running together yet as 2 seconds into the first try my 2 kids crashed and put a hole through the hull of one of the boats. Got it repaired though.

I gotta say I like these boats, great bang for the buck. They can't go too fast in the chop though, but maybe I just have to trim it different or something. Lake is hopefully going to ice up soon, so I don't know how much more testing I will get in. I shot two videos today, first of my boat, then my sons with the repair.

I am a little disappointed in the "breakaway" rudder system. In the first video here, you will see I lose steering. The arm going from the rudder to the servo rod snapped in half. I think this is because the breakaway rudder can "break" sideways, and not just straight back. Going to have to see how I am going to fix this, I am open to suggestions. I think Aquacraft should change this design so the rudder can only "break" back and up, not sideways by putting it on an adjustable hing, similar to what I have on my old tornado. The little o-ring rudder saver is a little cheesy for this fast little boat.

So in the first video I sharpened the stock prop a little, and there was way less cavitation, and what seemed to be a better top speed. In the second video I used a x430 sharpened and balanced prop. You can be the judge. When I can I will be hooking up my eagle tree into these little suckers to see whats going on.

aquacraft minimono with sharpened prop-stock 1300mah (3 min 1 sec)

minimono with x430 prop sharpened and balanced (7 min 19 sec)
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