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[QUOTE=Hangar07;20244301]Thanx Bill for heads up on "Tail wheel". TBH, I wasn't happy seeing the tail assembly - thought it needed strengthening. I've read per your suggestion some of the threads, particularly, #2831 - so that's a start. If you've any specific thread in mind then please let me know.

I've already replaced ailerons and flap servo trays with 1/16 ply and reinforced tray holdings on the wing with ply. I think reaction force otherwise might lift the whole thing off the wing !!!

Thank you for your comments on flaps - I'm an avid user of flaps. Our landing strip is relatively small and there are a few trees as well. I fly until almost the last useful amp (but never below 30%) is left in the power pack. So "Flaps" are my saviour.


Easy on the Mods, every thing works just fine as designed, and extra weight and effort will not add much to the performance.(it is not broke so no need to fix it.)

The only mod that really helps is the cowl attachment.

For the tail wheel I made a 90* bend in the push rod wire and used wheel colar to hold it in place. easier to get to. Quick connector on the servo for adjustment. It has never come loose and is non critical if it did.

3 position flaps are good, especially for short field approach's

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