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Originally Posted by whiteturbo View Post
First, nobody will help you if you SHOUT in red, its rude and not the way to get help.

OK Multiwii v1.9 doesnt like WMP and BMA020 and i have one quad that wont work on v1.9 for that reason. Go back to V1.8patch 2 its the best and most stable version especially if your using WMP and BMA020.
The debug numbers in the Gui are not errors they are what was left in when Alex was debuging it before it was released. This has been documented elswhere.
If your using a genuine WMP and BMA020 then internal pullups are fine, just dont use them if your using anything on 3.3v.
If you had everything working in 1.8patch2 then nothing can be wrong can it? so just go back to it and if you must use the latest version then wait for the next(non dev) version and try again and if you get any problems just go back to what last worked.
By the way 300 euro's is quite cheap for a good quad, but you aint gonna get an MK, you have to do some of the work, its NOT plug and play. If you dont want to get your hands dirty then you will pay a lot more e.g look at hoverfly boards and thats only the board, you still have to buy motors, esc's frame, RX etc,etc so 300 euro's is good value, but you have to read and learn a little to get it working right. to most of us that is half the fun.

Sorry for the red and thanks

Originally Posted by Alexinparis View Post
with 1.9, could you try to:

- power your BMA+WMP not via D12, but directly via +5V
and after by order if it doesn't work:
1) remove your pullups
2) keep your pullups
3) activate internal pullups
debug2 values should not increase while running

(I've personally a working 1.9 config with flydumini + WMP + BMA020)
Could you show me some pictures of the pullups? I don't really know where to solder them? I really want v1.9 working. And my WM+ is soldered to 5V already. I was intended to use the v1.9.

Update: Got the WM+ working with internal pullups enabled, but when I enable the BMA020 (uncomment it) it doesn't work anymore.

Thanks !
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