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Cowl Mounting 101

Got the cowl mounted today using the tape method. If you don't know this method, you'll learn a new trick.

First, get some low tack tape so as not to lift the covering too much. The type and brand I use is pictured, You can use whatever brand you choose. I like this type because it peels without fuss and doesn't lift the covering.

This took only 20 minutes to do and I got three of the fours screws spot on. The fourth one just needed the hole massaged a bit more.

The bottom holes were a bit tougher so I must confess, I didn't use the tape method on them. Reason? The bottom of the cowl does not sit flush with the lower attachment blocks. There is a gap which causes the tape to fold reducing it's actual length. Thus throwing the measurement off.

So what I did was fasten both top screws tightly so the cowling was snug, then heated a small wire with my torch until it was glowing red and put the wire through the lower attachment block with the T-nut which holds the bottom of the cowl on thus marking the inside of the cowl with a burn mark indicatiing where to drill the bottom holes. Perfecto!

After all holes were drilled, four small fiberglass cloth pieces were then CA'd over the holes to strenghten the area to prevet future cracks. Then I painted the inside of the cowl flat black.

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. So if you don't understand the shown process, PM me and I'll be happy to explain.

Just a quick note on the cowl installation. Step 57 in the instructions shows fastening of the cowl with two 1.5mm screws on the top and nothing on the bottom. The actual model has four wood blocks attached to the firewall with four T-nuts in place to affix the cowl.
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