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Originally Posted by ScooterInVegas View Post

Last update? Its was in the G5 firmware from the beginning.

Will apparently we have a difference in opinion. I never said that everyone should do this particular practice. If you actually read the context in which my statements are made, you would have seen that this is a solution to having return to home and fly by wire available at the same time without having to do a mix. Some radios don't allow a throttle mix with a switch. In this case the way I do it, is perfectly fine. The major confusion in the interpretation, comes from the description "wide open throttle". When fail safe comes on, the motor is never at wide open throttle. On my plane, which does 38A at wide open throttle, actually runs at 6.5A when return to home is activated.

Now let's think about this for a second, how do you get to return to home? (my way) The throttle stick already has to be at 90 percent. So the motor, under my control, is already nearly wide open. When you go past 95 percent, the motor instantly drops down 6.5 amps.

Now about you having unsecured planes that are plugged in and alarmed flying around in your work area, this is something that cant happen in my work area because I don't take a lackadaisical approach to safety in my shop. If a plane is about to be armed, guess what? It is secured so it cant move. That's probably one of the differences between you and I.

See, my FPV plane sits, locked in a cradle with a sandbag in the base. It is in this cradle at all times, whether in my shop, or while being transported. It only comes out of the cradle to be put on the ground when I'm ready to fly. While in this cradle, the plane cant move at wide open throttle.

And about your stupid comment about bumping the trim down to activate fail safe, this goes back to you not paying attention to the context in which we are discussing this feature. Again to clarify for you, I was talking about having the ability to activate return to home using the throttle while in flight. My comment about the low trim was being able to have to fail safe set close enough to zero throttle to activate in the air. To do this, you'd have to have the receiver trimmed just above RTH, and trim down to activate return to home. In this context, that would be dangerous. This is the low throttle danger I was speaking of. You're talking about just fail safe in general, which in that context, you would be correct. Fail safe only, would be much better suited to low throttle settings versus a high throttle settings. This is common sense and all RC flight. This is one of many reasons my plane is always in its cradle at all times. Again I do things in a very safe manner. Not only my FPV plane, but all my plans are treated with extreme caution at all times. This is one of the discernible differences between you and I, I never had a plane takeoff of my table, unlike you. Unless you understand exactly what I'm talking about, you really shouldn't comment.
It seems you have failed to understand. I do not use trim to activate RTH. I use a switch. I also never said I had an airplane fly off a table you just assumed that. It actually happened to a friend that ended up with stitches.

Your right though, we have two different methods to accomplish the same task. Only the way you do it has more potential for disaster than a throttle being pulled back below off. One is safer than the other bottom line. I have been in this hobby for more than 30 years and have seen just about everything. Does that make me an expert? No. But it has taught me the importance of safety. If you can't understand that there is nowhere else this conversation can go.
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