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 #ifdef Y6
    motor[0] = PIDMIX(-1,+1,-1); //REAR_R 3
     motor[1] = PIDMIX(+0,+0,+0); //0
    motor[2] = PIDMIX(+0,+0,+0); //0
   motor[3] = PIDMIX(+1,-1,-1); //FRONT_L  9
    motor[4] = PIDMIX(+1,+1,+1); //FRONT_R A0
    motor[5] = PIDMIX(-1,-1,+1); //REAR_L A1
i use hexa code since pins 10 and 11 are somehow connected and i didnt find the problem


/* Set the minimum throttle command sent to the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
   This is the minimum value that allow motors to run at a idle speed  */
#define MINTHROTTLE 1290 // for Turnigy Plush ESCs 10A
//#define MINTHROTTLE 1120 // for Super Simple ESCs 10A
//#define MINTHROTTLE 1220
//#define MINTHROTTLE 1150 

/* The type of multicopter */
//#define GIMBAL
//#define BI
//#define TRI
//#define QUADP
//#define QUADX
//#define Y4
#define Y6 // miniquad
//#define HEX6
//#define HEX6X
//#define OCTOX8
//#define OCTOFLATP
//#define OCTOFLATX
//#define FLYING_WING //experimental

#define YAW_DIRECTION 1 // if you want to reverse the yaw correction direction
//#define YAW_DIRECTION -1

#define I2C_SPEED 100000L     //100kHz normal mode, this value must be used for a genuine WMP
//#define I2C_SPEED 400000L   //400kHz fast mode, it works only with some WMP clones

//enable internal I2C pull ups

//****** advanced users settings   *************

/* This option should be uncommented if ACC Z is accurate enough when motors are running*/
//#define TRUSTED_ACCZ

/* PIN A0 and A1 instead of PIN D5 & D6 for 6 motors config and promini config
   This mod allow the use of a standard receiver on a pro mini
   (no need to use a PPM sum receiver)
#define A0_A1_PIN_HEX
these are all the current changes in my code , so nothing special really
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