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Originally Posted by Jessestr View Post
Hi guys..

I built my quadcopter now and every time I look'd upon reference pictures, schematics or what ever.. It was always done different..

I made this to clear it up to you.. Some of the photo's were taken from warthox & goofy23's quads and they were wired different too.

Can someone please tell me how to wire the WM+ to a flydusense v2 board CORRECTLY? It's always done different on photos so I don't know what to believe. MultiWii 1.9 doesn't read my gyro.. but 1.8p2 does, so maybe its my wiring because I did it wrong cause of the reference pictures.

Thanks !!
What i can see in your picture is that in your case pin 2 is VCC ( first not connected,because no connection). pin 7&8 are GND pins so you may connect 1 or both!. The rest of the pin connections i cannot see in your picture...
I gues you have it connected correctly because you say it worked in 1.8p2. In 1.9 there is no difference in schematic. Maybe a wire got loose, check your solderings...
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