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Good to know that the module is available as spare part, had I known this yesterday...

I just went Frankenstein on my SP TX round 1.00AM, I'm beat up, not used to stay up so late anymore

Anyway it's good to know I can buy one if mine is dead of to much heat applied from the soldering job, they really don't want you to harvest that module do they...

And thanks again for looking at the 16MHZ issue in the code, I'll try it on the arduino once this is solved, I don't want to prototype a board just for testing.

I'm gonna make some publicity for this on the SP thread, I think they would be interested, maybe it will give you enough motivation to pursue with EPA and subtrims.

Is it Kicad that you used for the schematic ?

Edit: just saw you commented the 16Mhz part even tough you have added the missing line, I'll map the ports to 328P and give it a try tomorrow, have to work late today.
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