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Originally Posted by lammbn View Post
Well i lined up the pieces of the motorbox the best i could but i still ended up with some extra right thrust and a little extra spinner gap. decided to go ahead and test it all out in the tight space of my neighborhood again. that was a little scary. my CG was a little nose heavy due to the repairs. that and the right thrust made harriers and hovers quite unstable. not good when you have to harrier land or crash. no other landing options. finally got the feel for it in time for a beautiful harrier landing. think i'm going to deal with the extra spinner gap and add a washer or two on the right to correct it. but it held together so i'm happy to have my daily flyer back.

another thing. i got a new great planes spinner with the aluminum back plate. first off the prop hole is a little big but there doesn't seem to be any centrifugal wobble from it. but i am noticing a rather heavy wobble at the tip of the spinner and at the backplate forward and backwards. the prop is running true though and there isn't any heavy vibrations. just some light ones. has anyone else had a problem like this with those spinners. without the spinner the prop runs true as well.
you will never get all the wobble out...just take the spinner off....i have still yet to run a spinner on a plane....gas would be different story.....maybe
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