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Originally Posted by setxws6 View Post
Hi all Habu 32 people. I am considering getting this jet, using the flaps and eflite retracts. I have a Futaba 7cap radio with a 7ch fasst receiver. I would basically have to Y everything together except for the rudder/steering (I could use the 7th ch).

Would I run into any issues using a Y harness on basically all the control surfaces, flaps, and retracts? May seem like a silly question to some, but I've alway simply used 4ch's for all my previous planes...

I think that with the very affordable price of this jet, there are going to be quite a few of us (myself included), who have never had such a fast, high quality, and high performance jet. There are bound to be a LOT of questions that most of these guys would normally take for granted. They may be shaking their heads with how basic some of our questions are. I hope they remain patient with us!

Not that our skills of piloting are insufficient, but building for these speeds becomes much more critical; and these nuances of construction are very new to us. For example, when the manual suggests using epoxy, with a jet like this I start to question whether the hardware store epoxy that I've used on so many aircraft will be completely sufficient, or if I should be going for something put out by modelling companies, such as BVM. And I hear the mention of Hysol, well, I've never heard of such a product before, and I understand that some are using it on the control horns, but is it greatly superior to epoxy, or is epoxy just as good? Is Hysol suitable for spars, etc, and other high-stress, critical structural components, etc.

I have Z-Poxy PT-39 30 minute epoxy. Is that good for all of the epoxy requests in the manual, or should I look into these other adhesives? Should I go for thixotropic or not (a la BVM). So may questions!
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