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I'm sure you'll have fun with it. Maybe you can set up soft start on your ESC? I'd try applying the throttle slowly and smoothly too. Gear stripping is mostly from sudden changes in motor rpm, rather than the actual speed they're spinning at.

I checked my notes and the motor I put in my Supatoys 1:5 bike was only 3000Kv (B2030). I suspect that made it slightly slower than stock, which wasn't my intention, but it was a little faster on a 2s lipo than the stock motor was on the original 5 cell NiCd. I tried it with 3s to compensate (because the whole idea was to get a bit more speed so it had the momentum to actually work properly) and I suspected I'd stripped gears, but possibly the pinion just went out of alignment and took the edge off the first spur rather than completely destroying it. I've been meaning to take it apart to check but I sort of got fed up of doing that.

That bike seems to be loosely based on the Ricky Carmichael bikes. I've no idea how much it has in common with the M5, of course. It's likely the gearing is completely different. I know the gyro is made with plastic gears because I had it apart to unstick it.

I had a gear stripping problem with a Cybird ornithopter I converted to brushless. Those things are hard to get into the air sometimes, and as it was diving for the ground I instinctively gave it full throttle, in one quick movement. The brass pinion I'd used just stripped all the teeth off the first plastic spur and left it completely smooth. Needless to say, the bird didn't get into the air. If I'd ramped it up slowly, like I did when I was testing it, it might well have worked.
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