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...jeez the things that happen while I was away for a nap !!!


It's pretty easy to physically change the TX sticks movements from Mode 1 to Mode 2 if you feel confident of having a go. It will take about 1/2 an hour or 45 minutes work and will only require a medium "jewellers" or "hobby" type, phillips head (+) screwdriver.

Unfortunately, you'll have to crack open the back of the TX. I did this to my usb TX for my sim as I unknowingly purchased a mode 1 Sim TX, but really wanted a Mode 2 Sim TX (I was such a noob, I didn't even know there was such things as "modes" in TX's!!!).

Anyway, remove all of your batteries and remove the 6 screws in the back of the main body and two smaller screws in the handle with the medium phillips head jewellers screwdriver. Gently open the back of the TX and slip out the antenna pole from the back of the body, leaving it to remain on the front of the body. If you feel inclined slip out the red and black wired battery power plug from the mainboard.

Next, look inside the back of the TX and you'll see the back of the sticks, move the stick you want to make into the throttle up and down (as you'd use it as a throttle) and you'll see a small coiled spring stretch and retract, that's the spring you want to remove, it is usually held in place by a small notched arm in the mechanism that works that side of the stick and a similar device on the stick housing itself. Remove the top ring shaped part of the spring only from the side plate of the housing at this stage (you'll work out how, it's pretty self evident). Remove both screws on the top of the side plate and gently insert a medium jewellers screwdriver or similar between the inside of the side plate itself and the finely notched radius arm, and gently pry it up and away from the notched radius arm. When you've got it out, you can slip free the bottom ring shaped part of the spring from the stick,if it hasn't fallen away already. Put the spring and the side plate to one side for the time being.

Remove the screw from metal lever type spring that is rubbing along the top of the opposite stick's finely notched radius arm and it's adjacent screw from the side plate of the stick you want to make the throttle, turn it 180 degrees and slip the side plate into the recesses where you took the other one from, and and push it home, in the process making sure the stick axle is also within the hole in the side plate (wriggle to stick to re-center the axle into the hole if needed), replace the top screw and position the angled part of the spring lever along the notched radius arm and screw it in checking the tension of the spring lever to make sure it feels ok to you. It should be free but with a slight "notchy" feel and some minor resistance.

Re-connect all the battery power plug, if you removed it when you first opened the back of the TX.

Re-install the screws and batteries and turn the unit on. Double check that everything works within acceptable parameters, but taking into account the new adjustments to the sticks and make sure the stick movements correspond to the actions displayed on the LCD screen for Mode 2.

You should now be good to go.

You've now physically converted a Mode 1 TX into a Mode 2 TX. Because you know how to easy it is to program the TX to be mode 2, you don't need to do anything more.

I actually physically opened up the back of my TX to make sure the instructions I gave were as precise and detailed as possible.

My TX for my DH9116 is Mode 2, it matches all the other heli's I have except my Walkera 22E, which is Mode 1. I'd love to convert the Walkera TX to Mode 2, but I'll have to physically move some of the wires over as well as the relevant stick mechanisms to suit, and I can't be bothered doing it, at this stage. Maybe later on, once I get proficient at this 4ch heli flying lark.

Anyway, good luck, I'll be floating around online for the next couple of hours and over the next 4 days, if you need any further help.

I also use Windows Live Messaging (the old MSN Messenger), Yahoo Messenger, Steam Messenger and ICQ, if you need some real time chat help. My profile should tell you what my relevant usernames are. Just send me a PM and tell me which one you'd prefer to use and I'll start up the program and jump online and have a chat.

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