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PH and RTH checkboxes in Setup Client

So I've finally had some time tonight to play around with getting my GPS setup with my Dx8 radio. I think I have it all setup correctly but the setup guide is a little vague about the check boxes in the setup client.

On my Dx8 I have Aux 2 setup as 100% and 100%. The switch in the top position correctly reports in the setup client as GPS off. When I move the switch to the middle position the setup client correctly checks the box for position hold. Now the problem is with the 3rd position of the switch, the setup client checks the box for Return to home but the check box for position hold is still checked! That would seem to be a contradiction, in that you can't hold your position and simultaneously return to home.

The PDF guide simply states:

"Now move the AUX2 switch to the bottom position (2) and make sure that there is a check in the Return To Home Enabled box."

It doesn't say whether or not the PH checkbox remains checked or not.

I've done some searching here but can't seem to find any threads about this. Granted my search skills leave a bit to be desired but hopefully someone can chime in and verify whether or not both checkboxes should be checked in the setup client when the 3 position switch is in the bottom position.

This is with firmware v3.1.523 on both my green board and black GPS board.
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