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Hi start alternatives can be something like mine. For a long time I have had a Ford starter motor with a long shaft, an inexpensive aluminum drum( alternative here is to look up any local machine shops that might machine you a simple drum,
show them what you want)
I also have a simple solenoid and a simple foot switch with a 12 volt car battery. Mine is built into plywood box with large lawn mower wheels on it and a handle for pulling it around.
I think I spent just over 100 dollars or so about 20 years ago on it.
I had the motor worked on once at a local auto electric shop that rebuilds starter motors, alternators etc
My turn around is simple bicycle axle mounted on a small board staked into the ground.
It's not fancy, nor real powerful like contest winches, but gets the job done.
I purchased the motor as a rebuilt from a local NAPA store.
You might also contact any local auto electric shops, sometimes they have some of these motors, or may know a source. An auto junkyard might be a source, and if it doesn't work, take it to an auto electric shop and get it rebuilt
As for a drum, check out any aluminum dealers or someplace you can find some scrap round aluminum bar stock, and ask any local machine shops unless you yourself have a lathe or access to one and make your own
Solenoids and foot switches can be found at auto parts dealers or a sewing machine shop for a foot switch.
A bicycle axle can easily be found a bicycle repair shop or if you can find an old bicycle no longer being used or that was scrapped out.
It all just takes a little resourcefulness.
Good luck!
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