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Originally Posted by FlyingW View Post

Cool. 1" blue foam is a good material. Your subject is awesome.

White Gorilla is not a contact glue. It's one of those expanding polyurethane type of glues. The Gorilla white is fast-drying - enough to handle the parts in about 20-30 minutes.

You have to get the knack of it - it takes some experimentation to figure out how much to use to get just the right amount of expansion to fill the joint. You have to wet the gluing area with water to get the best results as water acts as a catalyst (note however that it is not water-based - in fact, if you get it on your hands you have to wipe it off immediately to avoid stained fingers).

If you use too much glue and you have to wipe off the oozing excess with a paper towel as it cures - but you still get a good strong if not pretty joint.

It's very effective for gluing spars or hard points into roughly hogged channels in foam as it is strong and lightweight. I've had some luck with taping over the joint, but in general I wouldn't use it on the exterior where you are going for a nice finish. It can be sanded though so it's not a disaster if too much oozes out.

Other than all that, it's great stuff!

Good luck,

I don't know about there, but recently I tried to source white glue direct from Gorilla, and was told that this product is no longer being manufactured. It might be worthwhile to have a check on that, and perhaps stock up on what you can if there are signs that this is happened there too...
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