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Hi Willhappy,

If you like that one, wait until you get a look at the VISTA... Just finished ordering booms for it... VERY modular, choice of wings, modular nose sections for different cameras and mounts and a sliding wing saddle designed to provide instant CG correction based on what gear you're sending up...

Now if I could only get some time to work more on it...

Still finishing up my last client prototype project and landed three more earlier this week! EEEEEK! The cash flow sure helps and I love what I do, but (AND!) I'd love to get some of these new kits completed, build threads, plans and parts...

By the end of this week, I'll have restocked a few hundred pounds of liquid plastics, platinum silicone for making molds, metal filled casting resin for vacuum form bucks and literally a half ton of sheet plastic... (A bunch more stuff in the materials category including a new modeling board whose sample caught my attention enough to buy a 2"X 19" x 60" plank for $325... Yeah... I'm serious about loving what I do! LOL!

Sigh... not enough time or maybe3 I need a couple of clones! LOL!

I'm going to take Christmas Eve and Christmas day off though... Maybe a little early off tomorrow... Tresa's off tomorrow until Monday and God I love spending time with her whenever I can!

Keeping an ear out for a tractor trailer Semi to drop off the plastic... My ears perk up every time I hear a large truck outside...

By the way, the new EyePod molds came out great... I need to cast the vacuum bucks in them but it's about 18 degrees where I am and the heat is out in the shop... The Studio's heat/air conditioning is tied in with the house and the fumes from this high temp resin just permeate the entire house if I cast them in there... I've got the resin cans inside hoping for a break in the cold and a pair of propane heaters in the shop just in case!

Ok... time for dinner and a break.

Thanks for the kind words about the Dragonfleye (website home photo) Did you see the video clip in the video gallery? It was designed for a client wanting super slow flight with a top speed of 60mph, collapsible and capable of 45min to 1hour flights... They liked it, but their client (application) fell through so now it just hangs in the shop with all the other prototypes and hanger queen photo ships...

Aaaack! Last call for dinner! I gotta go!

Talk with you later!

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