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You won't have the control to get the nose down without going forward with the DH9104, it's how it gets it's forward movement, by tilting the nose down therefore some of the lift is directed backwards. I flies like the heli is connected to a long string, you move forward and it dips down and flies forwards, then rises again at the top of the "stroke", if you don't do anything, it will spin around by itself and go back the way it came, in the same manner, unless you take some corrective action or tell it to do something different. There is no side shift, just forwards, backwards, up & down, spin left/right. Slight forward or backward movement is possible, but it's more of a forward or backward drift hover than real forward or backward flight. This is because the swashplate is fitted backwards and the pivot point is at the front and it is pivoted from the rear, and it only has one servo, rather than pivoting at the rear directly above the two servos that are independantly controlled with a floating control bar at the front, as in a 4 ch heli. The DH9116 however is more like a helicopter we have come to expect, with real sustained forward movement and more precise control for hovering, however in full forward flight, it too will suffer from the "pendulum effect" as it's become known, but it is more controllable and by design, it has less of an effect on it's flying characteristics.

I own two of the smaller versions of the DH9104, the DH9100 and if it's anything like they are, my previous comments still stand.

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