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Originally Posted by basadia View Post
I just maidened my new AXN Floater, anybody FPVing this plane. Very small compartment so would need some micro gear. Plane flies stock for 20 minutes on a 2200 MAH battery which is awesome.
Only got one because the guys from Xjet fly them and they looked really great.
I am, and have cut an access hatch in the side of the fuselage to fit my OSD stuff. The reciever is up next to the elevator servo as i dont have a rudder servo there and the 2200 or 1600 batteries i use are pushed right up in the nose.

My camera is just behind the black canopy and my TX is behind the motor on the trailing arm. I have a small 500mah 3s velcro'd to the underside of the black canopy. Flies well but im soon changing to a SW for a more versatile platform.

And Peril here are the 2 pics of the booster mod. The booster, battery and UBEC is velcro'd down to some real estate sign board (the name escapes me atm)
And i have hard mounted the u.fl cable out from the TX to the booster. I did this so i can run a stock antenna when im not running the booster mod.

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