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Originally Posted by MSgtrob View Post
I received mine in perfect condition....except for the wing broken in the same spot. The packaging is PATHETIC! There are several "fragile" stickers on the cardboard exterior but that doesn't mean it will survive UPS or any other shipper. I live 2 hour drive from NP and it didn't make it here undamaged. I can't imagine it making it across country. There's no protection between the cardboard exterior and the wing and fuselage. Any pressure on the box exterior will damage one or both.

I jus emailed NP and expect to return it...
Thing is, these products aren't boxed at the Nitroplanes Cali center, that's just an import/distribution center. These kits actually made it from China/Hong Kong to NP, to your door packed like that. Miracle they come in as good a shape as they do! Yeah, the packaging is lame. Odd tho' because some of the damage doesn't correlate to any damage on the exterior of the box? Weird.

The whole situation is due to the poor packaging at the point of manufacture. Nitroplanes has no control over that, only whether or not they choose to distribute certain kits. Not sure what retail politics are behind all that, who knows. If I were NP I would probably think twice about restocking this and any other kit from this particular manufacturer, which is a shame because the plane has GREAT potential.

Some manufacturers however like FMS/Airfield make NP look like heros. Those kits (I have four) ALL came intact. Usually just some minor rash and bumps/dents from servo control arms rubbing foam panels in transit. Then again I have had FMS/Airfield kits arrive with DOA electronics. There again, NP has no control over that other than the pressure they may put on the brand's quality control at the point of manufacture. Not sure how much influence they would have there aside they may choose not to carry products that make them look bad.

I've been dragging my butt assembling this kit. I just started installing the fans into the nacelles. I'm recessing the fan shroud(s) well into the nacelles instead of having them fixed on the front of the nacelles like they are on the box art for a more scale appearance. It's a slow and tedious process. Those nacelles are hand laid glass and aren't perfectly symetrical................

To be honest, as there is a flight video out on the NP product page, this plane will have a HIGH wing loading and will land hot. Our runway is only 30X300 improved Geotextile fabric parallel to 45X600 grass. The grass is not appropriate for this model. Although 300' is plenty for the TO roll, and is indeed as long as a football field, it'll take good effort to touch down within the first third of the runway and will need every inch of the remaining 200' to roll out. I also fly the E-Flight F-86 and it is hairy landing to say the least, steady and controllable, but HOT as hell..................

I'll take some pics of my small progress so far....................
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