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Whew! So much to do, so little time!

Thanks askman! (And thanks for you help with my research)

In between breathing moments with the client work I'm doing (I got THREE new jobs since the last "new" job! This IS a good thing as it pays the bills, but not when it comes to RC kits...

First about the website... ALL CLEAR and up an running... (most of this stuff is over my head so I can't really explain... my host is a dear friend and couldn't find why some of the servers were flagging my site as being infected... some did and some didn't. He finally handed it over to a specialist who found it! (It was "dormant" whatever that means), but there was (as in past tense), there... so no we're clean and up and running again... some new videos, pages and info as well...

Now about the EyePods... The demand was greater than I expected so I created new platinum based silicone molds to pour high temp filled vacuum bucks... enough to fit my larger 18" x 30" vacuum former... Here's a video of it producing pilot/cockpit and clear canopy moldings for my ICON kit:

ICON Production Vacuum Forming (1 min 21 sec)

With the new vacuum form bucks I'll be able to keep up with orders... Also just received a new shipment of boxes and ordered almost a half ton of sheet plastic (as in 1,000lbs!). I'll try to fit in some production over the holidays and hopefully have kits to ship the beginning of the year... Over seas shipments are not a problem (do it all the time), and if you have friends that want them as well, I can easily place more than a few kits in a special box to save shipping fees.

(I'm kind of taking one of those very rare breaks... I'm exhausted and making mistakes on my client prototype so that's when I stop, Tresa's baking carrot cake, Kylas home from college for the winter break but just went out with friends, we just finished decorating our tree (yeah, kind of late at least for us it is... but it's up and sparkling... Christmas music playing and I'm on the kitchen computer...

Just ordered two new HD cameras (a GoPro 2 and an interesting find... a JVC with TONS of features for only $179... Yes, the VISTA project is coming as well as some more AP craft and mounts...

Also completing the wing cutters for the DaVinci speed wing (If you go to that thread over in the electric sailplane forum, I posted a video of the foam wing blank cutter... smooooth and clean! interesting to see in action...

I'm also looking forward to starting the build thread for the Raptor Mini AP (Which has a built in EyePod mount in the nose... pretty sure I posted videos of it here?)

Just in case:

UAV kit, indoor flying with onboard footage (1 min 1 sec)

If you'd like to be placed on our mailing list, the best place to contact me is through (The site is clean and up and running once again! Tresa's working on a set up for incoming emails so that I can send out an update/newsletter sharing the availability of kits, production status and development status for new kits along with links to where more info can be found... Hopefully this will be up and ready right after Christmas.

Hope this helps you understand where I've been and what's going on... all good stuff although a little slower than I'd like, but all pointing and providing for movement in the right direction.

If I don't come back before then, Have a great holiday guys!

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