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I started out at ~ 10 AM and finished the machine work the Canopy ~1:30 .

I gotta say I am not as impressed as I'd hoped.

Pix tell the story. There is a lot of gentle sanding still to be done.

I've NEVER done a Wood Plug of any type so this is a learning experience.
I tried to pick the hardest Balsa that was in my cache of blocks.
Making Plugs or doing 3D milling has never been in my job description.
I have just Experimented with the technique using foam in the past.

This attempt was done using Hard Balsa block glued up into a blank that was
mounted to 1/4" thick Lite ply base and screwed that to my cnc bed.

I used a .25" dia LONG Round nose router bit and used a 1.25 step over for the Hog off
but only .05" stepover for the X and Y finish passes.

The Hog-off was in X direction but CROSS GRAIN !

I dunno but I think I can still see evidence of the hog off
even after removing another 1/8" on the finish passes.
Kinda makes me think that balsa is NOT the material of choice.

As expected Each different block in the "Glue UP" had different milling characteristics.

Like I said , a bit exasperating !

How should the Finish step(s) be approached ?
Sand first, then apply some filler/primer.
Then sand some more.

Or Filler Primer NOW then sand later.
With a few repeats.

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