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How scale is scale?

Hi folks
I have been reading right through this thread and it has got me hooked again on scale aircraft. Coming back into modelling after some 30 years, a lot has changed and it seems that no one builds anymore but that the time is then put into detailing what appear to be quite serviceable airframes - if you get the right one

I was into full scale competition - F4C - and I would like to skip the whole process of having to make a Spitfire fuslage in fibreglass by using a suitable pre-built one. Most of the other models like Yellow Aircraft and Brain Taylor etc. are too big and this CMP one seems a good size.

My question is though, who scale is it? The outline looks okay and checking the span and length back against my Spitfire drawings, it is very close to a MK IIA/V, even if it done up to look like a MKIV. The only thing I can pick right away is the smaller canopy - the "turtleback" is too shallow - and the obviously simplified wing. The gull wing section at the trailing edge is completely missing. Both of these I could fix by simply cutting the wing into 3 so there would be a dead flat section and a bit more dihedral added to the outer wing panels. The U/C would be relocated and narrowed too.

But, is the fuselage construction and overall shape good enough? I don't have an actual aircraft to look at and would be buying one cold. Does it have formers in the back or carbon tapes? Does it flex a lot? Also, I have never seen an actual electric motor powered model fly but from the YouTube clips, they sound like runaway dremels! Would an old fashioned glo engine be okay?

Not a novice at this, having built and flown 2 54" grumman tigercats - 1 still surviving - and a TSR2 - in scale at the Nationals. Very rusty though :-)

Any ideas much appreciated.
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